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So after a really long run of taking care of emergency commissions, I was also touching up a few more things and adding new features to make my commissions more interesting. Before I do that though, I should explain why it took so long and why I don't take payments first.

The reason why I accept payments after I'm done with the commission is because I feel more motivated to make the commission as a way of showing that I earn the payment. Otherwise I fall into procrastinating or not being as active. This is partially why I was slow with the commissions. It was an emergency to obtain the money first, but patience became a real challenge for those who participated and helped me out. My apologies. The other being is that I want to make sure that the commissioner is satisfied with the product they are getting. I don't want to come across never satisfying them and having to give them a refund. Especially after the Patreon incident that happened years ago where I failed in giving my perks, I want to make sure whoever it is I'm making service to is good service.

However, there were a few other issues, before and during my emergency commissions. I won't drop names, but it's come across a frustrating situation to where I'm now adding a few more guidelines.

There were a few people who were very stingy on their characters. To an extent it's understandable since it's their character, but at times they came across as "A little more of this" and "A little more of that". One of which shared me a screen cap and still wasn't satisfied. It was really frustrating! Another of which, was an OC with a gradient color. When working with it, the commissioner would respond with "A little more orange" and "A little more red". And this went on and on...

Again, I understand in how you want your character done, but you also have to understand that you're using my time and patience to make your character the way you want your character made. Not to mention if I have a line up of OC's to work on, they are also waiting patiently for theirs to be completed. So personally I think it's only fair that a small is made. I won't make a really big one, but it's something I'll have in mind.

So that being said, Cherry Picking/ Micro Managing will come at an extra charge

The second was when a commissioner was unable to pay after I made his commission. It's not completely his fault though. Part of the reason is that he had some major priorities that kept building over his shoulders. Neither of us expected this to happen. Thankfully someone decided to pitch in and pay the commission for him. I'm not mad at him and I'm not villainizing him either. It was something none of us expected. Along with that, another commissioner was a part of the emergency commissions and I had to wait a few days for him to get his money in to PayPal so that he could transfer the money to mine. That's primarily where I accept payments from. It's simple, it's fast. The downside to that though is that takes a while to transfer from there to my bank and even longer vise versa. Not sure why.

So here's another new guideline I'm adding... I accept payments through PayPal. Please make sure you have your estimate at ready on your PayPal balance before I get started.

Payments are definitely something you have to keep in mind about on your part. What the charge is and how much you're willing to put in, based on what you want. That's why it's also important to read what the charges are.

That being said, I don't know if there'll be anymore challenges for me to fix up, but this is something I want to go by in the meantime.

So along with that, I'm going to make a quick buck in preparation for BronyCon along with some new features I'll be going over.


First, I have made 25 more poses, which comes to a 50 pose packet. As of right now though, I have no sample chart yet, but I'm pretty sure that'll be done soon.

Second, I have made 15 front poses. The charge on that is the usual type of charge, but that can also vary considering how you want the front poses done, based on the perspective.

Thirdly, I have an option where you can get a full pack; all 50 3Q poses, 15 front poses, some miscellaneous and 5 custom poses. But it's a very pricy one for the time being. There are a few more things I have to work with for the mares before I have this option available.

Fourthly, I have pre-made outfits set, mostly feminine, after the many crossdressing vectors I have made, although those I have a bigger charge for. Not too big, but definitely something that I have thought about since some of my close friends also wanted to be in the outfits I made. Not to mention there was an commissioner out of the emergency ones who wanted to be in a maid uniform. So this was an idea I had kept for a while. I don't have all outfits, in particular the Playboy Bunny outfit, because some are a bit complicated to work with for the time being. I was lucky enough to make my vector work for the Playboy one, but I'm still sorting out the kinks in making sure that each component for the Playboy Bunny to be effectively efficient. I try to set every outfit for packs in case one wants one. And I'm willing to be open for what I can do, including an outfit you want personally (like a Sherlock Holmes outfit, or Star Trek, or what have you). Preferences are needed as usual to make it work.

Next thing I'm mentioning is if you want your OC to be a bat pony, or if your character is already a bat pony, I'm open to doing that (Such as Tranzmute or M.A. Larson). Yeah go ahead and laugh at the second example, but you get what I mean. I'm in the works of looking up and see what I do to make Crystal Ponies (Like Star Dust for example), but I haven't worked with the kinks yet. So it's best that I have that option on hold. Be ready for that in the future.

I am still willing to do Hybrid Pony OCs, but again they have to be mostly pony. The closest example was :iconscriptless-pony:'s character when her OC was part Chimera. She had different eye design, detailed hooves (I keep forgetting the name of that), and a snake for a tail. But most of the character was pony. That's something I'll accept. I'm still not covering non-pony OC's because that involves completely redesigning a character out of scratch while matching closely to the poses and the show's style, which would take a lot more time than needed. And I usually keep a list to keep things rolling. Sorry, :iconsunnyhoneybone:. I can't do Dragons.

The final thing should mention is that I did have a wait list but unfortunately I lost it. I also cleared out my note list to have a clean start. So for anyone who wanted to commission me in the past, I'll need a memory refresher.

So I think that covers everything. I'm still in the works of a few things to complete the document, but I'm going to show it now for you all to see. I'll be making the sample sheet as soon as possible.…
So that about does it. Anyone interested, I'll start a seperate doc for a waitlist this time. XD




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