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Ok so I have some ground to cover and I'm pretty sure a lot of you would want to know what I thought about these first two episodes. So I'll just get that out of the way first.

Celestial Advice - LOVED IT!

The biggest surprise that I have from this episode is that it isn't a two parter. Other premieres have always started with a two-parter in the past, but here, it's breaking new ground here, and personally, I'm glad they did this. Breaking the norm and/or routine is definitely a breath of fresh air. It's something I always welcome, which is varied quite a lot. As such with the Saddle Row Review, which still holds as my favorite episode of Season 6.

Anyways with that being said, I like the direction it was aiming for; Twilight, deciding what's best for Starlight and thinking ideally on where to take her. The parts that had me pausing to catch my breath out of laugher were the moments of Murphey's law where we see what's the worst that could happen to Starlight. And man these were dark. Garbel drags her into the lava pit, and she and Sunburst summon a black hold that sucks her in. Obviously this was in Twilight's head as she was sharing them with Celestia and Spike, but seeing her thoughts as hyperbolic was quite relatable on my part whenever I always think of what's the worst to happen.

The thing I love the most in this episode however is that CELESTIA FINALLY HAS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!

Holy shit, staff! Was that so hard?? For several years, people were asking what Celestia was planning for Twilight and constantly called her a troll for vague commitments!! And by this point, all the Celestia fans, like :iconjoshscorcher: can die happy now. I'm only assuming that though since he's a fan of this character.

Ok in all technicality, there was development for her before such as Princess Twilight Sparkle and a few other areas that I may have missed. But the fact that she explains how she felt and what she was planning for Twilight is a huge step in favor of the show. Along with that, her, worrying over what to do makes her so much more human than just a typical princess stereotype advertisement. Now doing something like that with Cadence would be nice!

The only gripe I have with the episode was Discord. While I get that he was giving food for thought for Twilight, he started going too far when in the third act, he was setting up lights and a mic for her to emphasize the announcement. What pissed me even more is when he literally asked outloud with a smirk, "You weren't planning this out NOW were you?"

Dude, shut the fuck up! At least she's trying. That was going too far. It's not on the same level of that kind of annoyance as What About Discord, but still, there's a difference between motivating someone and just plain giving them a hard time. 

So yeah, that being said, I really like this episode! Not to mention that silly ending for Pinkie Pie.

All Bottled Up - Really Liked It

I have a feeling that other people may not like this one because of the shenanigans of Trixie. In many retrospects that's kind of the point. It was a drive towards Starlight's anger issue and representing the obvious message about how bad of an idea it is to hold your anger in. I never have that big of an issue of how crammed in a message is, as long as its a good one. If at any point it annoys me is when they shove the message in your face throughout a story and then completely discard the moral for the worst. Such as the first few episodes of Gumball or The Cutie Pox. But despite the obvious message, I was fine with what was going on. I even laughed a bit when Trixie threw the pretzel bag on the table where the cupcakes where from Starlight. What made me appreciate the episode the most though is that both Starlight and Trixie were down to earth, and the dialogue felt natural. A lot of times I run into one scenario after another where it's hard for me to explain bravely what issue I'm having with others.

The downside to this episode though is that during the episode, the mane six were away, solving some kind of puzzle game and trying to break a record that the Griffons have made. This part I actually did enjoy watching because it looked like a game I wanted to be apart of. Near the end, Trixie eventually blows it when she accidentally lets loose a jar of all the anger Starlight was holding, and it took effect in a few other ponies. And right there, we're cut back to the mane six as they break into song. This was way too misplaced for me, ESPECIALLY at a time where the worst was happening to Trixie. And to make matters worse, we're cut back to that and then the song continues! Guys what the hell were you thinking? That's pretty under-spirited! An additional pet peeve I have is that some of the animation is recycled. I've been noticing this with "It's Gonna Work" in Spice Up Your Life. I sometimes find it annoying that I'm watching what looks like the same thing and it's a waste of my time. This to me is why it's important to take your time on an episode and NOT CUT THE HIATUS'S SO SHORT! Quality over quantity!

So yeah, that aside, this and the other episode was fun to watch. It made my Saturday really happy after what happened prior. Lately I've been running into a situation or something I feel heavily discouraged about. In case you haven't seen it read the fanart submission from :iconmimkage:, I'll first show you what I'm talking about.

Sky Writter in the sky by Mimkage

I made this for  :icongoldenfoxda: to help cheer him up
Plus, I wanted to draw something bright and colorful to contrast my dark drawing from yesterday. Hopefully is serves it's purpose of giving goldie cheering uping

Okay so what happened was that last Friday, I was in the process of washing my clothes. I normally wash them at a laundromat that's in walking distance and the room holds two washers and two dryers. After pulling my load out of the washer however, both dryers were being used and I was immediately annoyed. So I timed myself an hour as I was away, but as soon as I came back, some lady was claiming the open dryer when SHE KNEW I needed to dry my load. So I give myself another hour, and as soon as I come back she's still there. And make things even more rude and frustrated, is that as I'm waiting for one dryer to be emptied, I tell her that I'm in need of a dryer as my work clothes are in the basket as I had to be ready for work that night. As soon as it gets emptied by someone else, she claims it saying "I has a whole three loads of laundry to work on"... DESPITE ME, SAYING THAT MY CLOTHES NEEDED TO BE CLEANED AND READY FOR WORK TONIGHT! She knew that I needed a dryer. She knew I was waiting to use one and how patient I was. AND SHE KNEW I HAD WORK COMING SOON! She had no manners, no respect, nothing. She could have worked on her clothes the next day! But no, she hogged them, she didn't share, she even brought her own child as he had nothing to do. He didn't have a Game Boy or a toy to play with. He was so bored. All because she had another three loads to laundry to take care, and no thought that my job was more important in that scenario. Fuck you, bitch! I hope your clothes got mildewed so that you can a taste of your medicine of what it's like on my part. Because as soon as I told :iconcosmicchrissy: about it when we were on a call (Since she was still at BABScon), she suggested that I hang my clothes on a chair, and rack and let it air dry. Personally, air drying clothes could risk getting mildewed since water tracks bacteria the most. Get that's what was done back in older generations, but nowadays, anything that sits out is a risk.

So yeah I did not have a good Friday. What adds insult to injury, I was working on the music track of my opening of Season 7. However, I wasn't happy with the progress and started to have confidence issues with what was to come for the future of my channel. I was going to upload something about my feelings on making music, but long story short, whenever I worked on music, I was always nervous at how it would turn out. It's become so bad lately that I worried myself when I was making a guitar cover for :iconkeychi-fim: on The Wizard of Oz. When I gave her a chance to listen, she really liked it. The same thing with Keyframe and :icondawillstanator:. This explains why Key tweeted that I'm a talented Musician. I wish I could believe that, but I'm always nervous and frustrated with making music. But what puts more weight on my opening is that I plan to use it not just for Season 7 but also in general. And I kick myself in the teeth for not working on this sooner and being a lazy shit head. I could use the Season 5 opening, but it's pretty dated, and making something new is always exciting. Plus I don't think I have the resources to modify that opening.

So the next morning, after I got off work, I was quick to get a hold of the landlords to get the laundromat open for me after I told them my story. That way I was capable of drying the load that needed to be taken cared of. I also found out that day that I got my tax return and watching the new episodes of MLP made me feel happier. I spent some of it to replace my SNES since the other one was acting weird. But sadly I learned today that some cartridges can't be read anymore, even if their contacts were cleaned. As is, two games no longer work, and one of them was given to me by Key. It's that sad reality that things don't last forever, and this happens to be that example. At the very least I have Super Metroid, and I have never been happier to finally have that game. So with that said, I'm deciding to no longer collect retro games. If it's coming down them having shorter lifespans and throwing my money away to see that happen again and again, then I don't want any part of it. As it is, I need my money saved for BronyCon. I thought that cartridges would last a lot longer than that, but I guess not. I was thinking about letting my own kids play them when having some one day, but I guess they won't be around to live that experience. So I'll just enjoy what I have left. Making matters worse, I ruined both my DMG gameboys. I was giving one of them a mod treatment if giving it a backlight and a bivert chip. However, after trying to work with the bivert chip, I broke off the pins and the screen was lacking detail. At least I can cover the other handhelds I wanted to mod, especially the original GBA model I want to give a backlight on. Additionally I plan to order another Game Boy Color, and mod it as a gift for Mom's 60th birthday. Yeah she was into games too and she misses her GBC. It was Atomic Purple.

Anyways I'm going on for too much. I hope to get my opening of Season 7 finished soon because I want to get back into the grounds of reviewing again. I just have to not be lazy. Until then I hope you all had a nice Easter.




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I thought it would be cool to set up a Discord for all the YouTuber pony"s and Wolf and Griffin for all the fans of all your channels to come to and post pictures and talk... and was wondering what you thought about it........and if you think it's a good idea if you would be willing to set up the rules
GoldenFoxDA Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Sorry but I have a bad history with Discord
LockdownHD Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
kk ty for responding
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Did some gift art for yah. hope yah like it man!
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Holy shit!!
MojBrony Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  New Deviant
Hey Fox! Since you play the guitar, I assume you're mostly into rock music, or do you enjoy other genres too?

Within the rock genre, do you listen to Pink Floyd? 
GoldenFoxDA Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I keep myself at a wide variety, but mostly rock. Old and new.

As for Pink Floyd, I've admittedly been listening to only so many. The most I can remember is Money and a majority of the tracks from The Wall album.
MojBrony Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  New Deviant

If you haven't heard it already I'd recommend listening to "Learning To Fly" -- arguably the most upbeat of Pink Floyd's tracks.
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Hey Golden, do you sometimes read and review MLP Fan Fics?
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No I don't, there was one fanfic I remember reading and enjoying but she's gone.
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